Christmas holidays 2015

We would like to inform you, that we will not process orders in time from 21. 12. 2015 to 3. 1. 2016. Thank you for understanding.
Merry christmas and happy new year!

Fabri Armorum team

Welcome wanderer in the labyrinth of the virtual world!

Stop and spend a short while in your life at our place going back to the times when healthy legs or a good horse were more important for travelling than just several clicks. (More...)

New "buhurt" falchions!

We are introducing new specialized "Buhurt" falchions. They are specially designed for competing in HMB or IMCF style tournaments.
Thanks to the light pommel and geometry of blade they allow maximal impact power yet light weight. For now we offer heavier (1.4 Kg) or lighter (1.2 Kg) variant. All edges are legally rounded.
More info

Reduction of prices of axes!

New catalogue is coming soon and will contain some changes in prices for now we introduce new prices of axes. See One handed axes and Two-handed axes

New "Quick order" offer

We are sorry to say, that our eshop has to be closed down. For a replacement we now promote our new type of offer. The point is quite similar. We offer possibility to buy certain stock products for discounted price, and without waiting for manufacturing. Please check the page Quick order for more information and order details.
Your Fabri Armorum team

What is a sword good for these days?

This is what many readers probably are going to ask. I will try to suggest several options:

A sword as a representative gift

A few objects of this price category can be used as a representative and highly original gift for a person of a high position not only in private sector but as well for representatives of countries and governments. (More...)

A Sword as a fulfilled dream from your childhood

Fulfill a dream to your husband or partner (and maybe even to your wife) that they had in their childhood - to have a sword of their own so that they could fight against evil and injustice for the good and rightness… (More...)

Stylish decoration of historical interiors

A good historic or historical interior does not deserve cheap "souvenirs from travels" but fitting ones of eqiuvalent quality. (More...)


Of course, our dominant specialisation is in the wide rank of customers interested in historic swordfighting for whom we with products of maximal quality with parameters accomodated to their individual needs. (More...)

Whom we will most probably not satisfy

Products or sets we because of warious reasons do not make, do not offer and do not want to make. (More...)

New contact email

Please use for your orders and questions our new email addres The older adresses remains functional

Upcoming events

We are looking forward to meet you on coming fairs. Now is time to place your oders. For custom production it is necessary to ask cca 3 weeks before. Typical products we have usually on stock!
See updates on Calendar!

Changes in payment

From 2012 we are forced to change the ways of payment for orders, which are delivered by post, or courier services.

Because of recurring problems with delivery and claiming the payment of COD (Cash on delivery) packets, we have to cancel this option for all countries excetpt Germany. Deutsche post (which we use) have no problems in Germany, but there is very complicated cooperation with other national posts. It results to many reclamations, event to loses in some situations. Some packets are returned without any reason. The post is asking our custommers for additive payment for COD service. (Even it was already paid by us, when sendig from DP) But often the pament is lost, or the packet never reach the recipient.

From theese reasons we cancelled the COD option outside Germany. We offer paymen in advance by bank transfer (IBAN, BIC) or by PayPal service.

Sending of packets is typiccally realised every Monday. Thursday, the week before we send to the custommers an e-mail with proforma invoice and payment information - bank info, or PayPal button. If we reiceive the payment to Monday, 12:00, the packet is sent. Other way we hold the packet, until we receive payment

We are very sorry for theese changes, but the big amount of lost packets or payments forces us to this change. We thank you for your understanding and we hope that more reliable shipping is also in your interest.

We would also glady announce, that we are preparing new website nad new catalogue for You! We are expecting to put that in function during this year. What you can look for? Bigger catalogue with more informations, more photos, more space to comment and discuss, actual offers and also new design! We also plan some minor reduction of prices of certain products. The new prices will be valid when we put the new website online. The exact date You find here!

Your Fabri Armorum team


Blade designs

Read more about specific blade designs like "Battle", "Feather" and "Slim"

New calendar 2011

We are looking forward to see lots of our friends and customers in Militatia Expo Rovigo 2010 and Armi & Bagagli Piacenza 2010 markets!
more information

Update 14.10.2010
Saxes in catalogue!

Update 3.8.2010
New design of menus

Update 16.3.2010
New Calendar 2010!

Update 1.12.09
Look our actual catalogue of costume daggers!
It may bring you good tips for a christmas present.

Update 28.11.09
New page added - Leather scabbards
How to make an order updated

Update 28.11.09
New page added - Leather scabbards
How to make an order updated

Update 19.11.09
You can visit our tent on an advent market in Arsenal, Vienna.
Look to calendar

Update 13.10.09
New photos added to:
One-handad axes
Striking weapons
Kettle hats
Dark-age helmets

Update 20.9.09 New article added.
Training sword
According to few missunderstandings I decided to write precise article about swords from our production, which are called "Training" or "standard"

Update 18.8.09
Dimensions and weight information added to all weapons

Update 11.8.09
Calendar updated

Update 3.8.09
Calendar updated
Guard options updated
Scheme of our sword construction added to Weapons

Update 30.7.09
New photos added to Costume daggers.
New page added: Sword blades options

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