Blade designs

In regard of the diverse demands about the parameters of a different weapon replicas, as well as occasional misunderstandings about important details, we decided to differentiate blade designs for our most popular products.

Traditional blade design “BATTLE”

The traditional blade design will be called “BATTLE”. These are robustly designed blades for full contact fighting, where the hard parries, striking opponent’s weapon aside using full force etc. are common occurrences. This variant is our typical design of the blade, which is mostly known to the sword-fighting community. “BATTLE” variant is designed for maximal durability...

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“SLIM” design

Because of heightened demand of lighter and better balanced swords we extend our selection by adding slimmer variant of blade design “SLIM”.

We tried to make this design as close to durability of the “BATTLE” variant as possible. Thickness of profile is same as the “BATTLE” variant (i.e. 3 mm), but width of the blade is from 5 to 10 millimeters less than “BATTLE” variant (this applies to the whole length of the blade). The final product is approximately 100-150 gram lighter...

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“FEATHER” design

Every weapon of this design has a letter F embossed next to the manufacturer symbol.

For certain types of the weapons there is possibility to make a special light-weight blades of the “FEATHER” design. These blades are approximately 200 to 300 gram lighter than the standard “BATTLE” variant. It is also the best balanced variant of the blade. But there are some restrictions for using this blade...

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Combination of “FEATHER” and “SLIM” designs

The “SLIM” design of the blade is possible to combine with thinner profile of the “FEATHER” design. By this combination we can make the lightest blade in our production (e.g. one-handed sword weighing less than 1 kg). However this blade design is intended for the fencing masters and isn’t suited for long-term or heavy use.

Sharp blades

We also make the custom-made sharp weapons. These weapons are for decoration ONLY! Parameters of the weapon are of course the closest to the originals. On the special agreement, we can make weapon for the “cutting demonstration”. With this weapon, cutting a full tin can from top to the bottom or cutting a full PET bottle diagonally is not a problem.

Special effect blades

We can also make the custom-made weapons for the theatrical and stunt use. We have developed a special designed blade for fencing with the blade on fire (it has an inlay made of kevlar which can be soaked with kerosene). We can also make a blade, that will endure light fencing and when it receives a stronger hit it will break as projected. After that it is easy to put back together and use again.

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