Full plate armor

Intentionally I do not indicate parameters and prices of complete plate armours - each individual product is specific and the price is defined individually, too.For your orientation you can try to count together the individual parts and you will get a general overview about the price of a complete armour set. Body proportions and your decision what to wear under the armour are important. As well, a well fitting armour requires several fitting trials in the process of making.

And there is one more crucial point to decide if you want to have your own armour. Individual types are always a picture of the time that they come from - the ways of use (horseman,foot soldier), attacking weapons parameters (cutting,stabbing weapons,firearm) and battle tactics (formation, individual fighter).

In any case, a walking knight in a complete late-gothic horseman's armour with a two-handed weapon will sure look a bit clumsy when moving (see the considerations and studies). These disadvantages basically are caused by a badly chosen set of armour from the following offer - you can combine a good your-period-fitting and easy-to-move-in armour for a reasonable price.

Measures necessary for making a full set of armour:

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