A sword as a fulfilled dream from your childhood

Fulfill a dream to your husband or partner (and maybe even to your wife) that they had in their childhood - to have a sword of their own so that they could fight against evil and injustice for the good and rightness…

Which boy (and even emancipated girls) in their childhood never longed for being a fairytale-like brave prince or a dauntless knight and standing with a sword in hand ready to fight the evil and knavish enemies. There is nothing easier than fulfilling the dream from childhood. We offer a great varriety of ready-made products or we can make a special piece including all details just according to your wish in a reasonable delivery date.

There is no problem to make a small ornament, picture or text on a blade or anywhere else the other parts of the sword - ideal for anniversaries or jubilees, marriage, school promotion ceremony or other important achievements in life.

This present is the one of lasting value, it can come from one generation to another and become a symbol of family tradition. But mainly it will fulfill the old dream from childhood and at least in memories, the person you give it will get back to the ideals from youth which in today's world when facing hard reality sometimes come out of sight.

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