Historical coins

Next, in fact independent chapter of our activity, is performing of historical coinage. It is not only coinage, but complete reconstruction of manufacturing coins - layout and creation of stamps, preparing coin plates and coinage itself. It is coinage in cold stadium, corresponding to technology from early middle-age till rennaisance. (in case of minor coins even longer). We are presently using cca 150 pairs of stamps - from ancient age till baroque age. We are able to prepare exhibition, and examples for a special occasion. We can also prepare special stamps for You.

We are using traditional technology - Individual hand fabrication of stamp in real size - In case of replicas of historical coins it contributes to historical closeness, in case of modern graphical design it might act little imperfect.

In every case we will gladly produce coins or medals, come and perform the coinage and help with coin or plaquette design!

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