Whom we will most probably not satisfy

Products or sets which we because of various reasons do not make, do not offer and do not want to make.

We do not offer any type of guns (including parts). For this type of production a special licence i s necessary and our firm does not have it.

We do not do any renovation of historic originals. It is a highly specialised work which is really demanding concerning special knowledge and technology. Without them the artifact can be irreversibly damaged and thus lose its value. Please, do not ask us "to repair an old sabre you have from your grandpa", "polishing" a piece found somewhere in a garret etc.

We do not repair and do not complete replicas from other producers - questions like "quench this blade made by my friend long time ago." It is not a problem of technical solution but a problem with warranty - I cannot guarrantee the quality of such a product and that is why I simply do not offer it.

We do not make replicas of torture instruments, instruments for various non-ethical rites etc. It is a question of philosophy - our products should bring pleasure and fun to both their owners and others and definitely they should not serve to satisfy any perverted needs.

And finally my response to a demand for "a waster-sword“  - such products will under any conditions not leave our workroom.

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