General trading conditions (GTC)

Fabri Armorum ,Ltd.

Seated in Starokolinska 32, 190 16 Praha 9, The Czech Republic

(as the seller),

1. Subject
1.1. These general trading conditions define the relationship between the seller and the customer. By ordering the goods, the customer agrees to the wording of these GTC.
1.2. By ordering the goods, the custommer accepts delivery and payment conditions of the seller. The order can be performed in a written form, by email, fax, or order form on the webshop.
The order must contain the list of goods, complete address and the phone number of the ordering person or firm – in case of a firm also identification data must be included.
2. Prices, delivery
2.1. The price is stated in EURO including VAT, not including transport expeses, insurance and possible customs dues. Transport expenses will be payed by the customer. The seller reserves the right to change the price of goods and to offer special prices for major customers.
2.2. A delayed delivery does not entitle the customer to demand any compensation., in individual cases the delivery date may by postponed.
2.3. The prices of goods made individually will be defined by an agreemen. By confirming the order, the customer agrees with the suggested price and binds him/herself to accept the delivery of the ordered goods. The seller reserves the right to demand advance payment before the beginning of making the ordered goods in some cases. The seller is entitled to demand and get compensation up to the complete sum of advance payment if the custommer decides to cancel the order.
2.4. Up to the moment of the finished payment the only owner of the goods is the seller.
3. Payment conditions, obligations of the participating sides
3.1. Unless there is a special agreement, the delivery is performed after the finished payment of the complete sum.
3.2. Invoices are due after recieving the order at the very latest upon delivering the goods.
3.3. The customer is obliged to provide correct and relevat data concerning his/her person or the firm, this includes informing about changes. In case of breaking this obligation the seller is entitlet to demand and get compensation for expenses resulting from this.
3.4. The customer expresses the agreement with searching, keeping and processing personal data for the purpose of realisation of orders and information about production. This data will not be given to any unauthorised persons and any third party.
3.5. If the customer gives a valid VAT Payer‘s Identification Number (identifikační číslo plátce DPH) applicable within the European Union, the price will be charged without VAT, according to tax legislation of the Czech Republic.
4. Additional
4.1. Minor variations of shape, size colour or weight are common in case of craftwork and cannot be a reason for warranty claims. Illustrational size data are only for basic orientation.
4.2. The seller does not have any responsibility in case of actual bodily harm or damage on possession or goods which are caused by unskilled manipulation, abuse or carelessness. The seller is not responsible for possible damage caused by the goods from the offer because the seller does not have any control over the customer‘s use of the goods in practice. This does not affect legal regulations of warranty and consumer protection.
4.3. The customer pledges him/herself to using the goods according to all legal regulations of individual countries.The seller does not have any legal responsibility for the use of the goods.
4.4. All delivered items can be sent back without explaining the reasons in two weeks time after recieving the goods. In such a case, the goods must be intact and complete, if possible in the original packing. Expenses connected to returning delivery and possible damage of the goods returned are payed by the customer.
4.5. The seller provides warranty on the goods for two years The warranty concerns only the production defect or material defect. It cannot be apllied in case of defects caused by wear-out, manipulation with inadequate force ,or mechanical damage.
4.6. Justified claim is processed in 30 days time, according to the agreement with the customer – by repair work, offering new goods or returning adequate sum of money.
5. Final provisions
5.1. These GTC can be changed by the seller anytime without explaining the reasons and sine die.
5.2. If some agreements of these GTC are later not in effect, other agreements are not affected.

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