How to make an order

You can order our products by phone, email ,fax, by letter, and of course personally.

Download order form

Every order have to contain:

  • List of items ordered (using our catalogue number and name of product)
  • Type of finition: (Training, Show)
  • Ev. other details (guard, pommel, blade details)
  • System of shipping (personally, mail, spedition)
  • Your actual full adress
  • Telephone number (Imporatnt for delivery)
  • Ev. Tax identification number.

After this informations i am able to write you price calculation, delivery time and other details, ev. ask you last question before production.

What you should know before sending the order

It is very important to know what you are buying, For all people who do not know our weapons i recommed try our products personally, so if you can, surely ask for refernces of our goods, borrow it from your friend, and so on. Or meet us in our workshop, ev. on history festivals, in which we often participate.
Please use your common sense when deciding the parameters of ordered goods. I will give you an example: The original one-hnaded sword from 14th century should weigh about 1kg. Very good ballanced sword can have point of ballance cca 4 cm from the guard. And sword capable of battle using must have edge about 3mm thick.
All theese parameters are right and i am able to make them, but you can surely figure, that it is impossible to make all three on a single sword. If somebody wants that, he should look somewhere else for an aluminium one.

Other part is that we do not accept order of Training variant with custom decorated details. In theese cases i will count the price as it was a "Show" variant.


We use the German post DHL service to ship our products to all the European union.
Orientation prices per one packet (cca max 10kg and 120cm)

shipping to Germany €20
shipping to other countries in EU €25 - 30

It is also possible to send the products via DPD express service.

Changes in payment

From 2012 we are forced to change the ways of payment for orders, which are delivered by post, or courier services.

Because of recurring problems with delivery and claiming the payment of COD (Cash on delivery) packets, we have to cancel this option for all countries excetpt Germany. Deutsche post (which we use) have no problems in Germany, but there is very complicated cooperation with other national posts. It results to many reclamations, event to loses in some situations. Some packets are returned without any reason. The post is asking our custommers for additive payment for COD service. (Even it was already paid by us, when sendig from DP) But often the pament is lost, or the packet never reach the recipient.

From theese reasons we cancelled the COD option outside Germany. We offer paymen in advance by bank transfer (IBAN, BIC) or by PayPal service.

Sending of packets is typiccally realised every Monday. Thursday, the week before we send to the custommers an e-mail with proforma invoice and payment information - bank info, or PayPal button. If we reiceive the payment to Monday, 12:00, the packet is sent. Other way we hold the packet, until we receive payment

We are very sorry for theese changes, but the big amount of lost packets or payments forces us to this change. We thank you for your understanding and we hope that more reliable shipping is also in your interest.

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