General info about our production

I would like to preclude the disapointment of some pedantic people: we do not try to copy the products according to the originals in detail.

There are several important reasons for this decision:

  • As far as it concerns the replicas of arms, they are intended for the needs of todays custommers - it means maximally safe for the users and the surroundings. There is a basic contradiction - originals were intended to be as harmful and destructive as possible. There is a variety of differences in shape and construction.
  • Many products (coins, jewellery) were for logical reasons made of precious metals - I believe that this reason has passed away.
  • To preclude your disapointment - an average medieval product was of relatively low quality (the best could not be affored by many people) and today's custommer would probably use his right to warranty and want a one of higher quality.
  • Maximal effort of historic accuracy would in some cases be understood as an attempt of falsification, which I deffinitely do not wish.

All the products mentioned bellow can be offered in different basic forms of final elaboration:

TRAINING (economic)

- good "fighting" qualities, but elaboration of details and surface processing at lower level. Weapons are good for training, for fighting performances on a further distance or just to emphasize the role of a common person - it means it is a roughly manufactured weapon.
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SHOW (classic)

- weapon of the same "fighting" parameters, but the final elaborating is much better including both the looks and the historic closeness. These weapons are good for performances with a near contact with the audiences and, sure, will look really smart on the wall. There is a possibility to customize your weapon using different guards, pommels, leather color...

Special custom work

- weapon made customly, according the personal wish of the custommer. This can be for example a representative sword, custom fencing weapon, or weapon made exactly according to original, or even fantastic one.

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