“SLIM” blade design

Because of heightened demand of lighter and better balanced swords we extend our selection by adding slimmer variant of blade design “SLIM”.

We tried to make this design as close to durability of the “BATTLE” variant as possible. Thickness of profile is same as the “BATTLE” variant (i.e. 3 mm), but width of the blade is from 5 to 10 millimeters less than “BATTLE” variant (this applies to the whole length of the blade). The final product is approximately 100-150 gram lighter than “BATTLE” variant and the point of balance is 2-4 centimeters closer to the cross-guard.

Lowering the width of the blade is apparent. Because of that, it doesn’t exactly match the historic originals (the design of the blade is matching more with the early renaissance swords), but on the other hand it has better parameters for the modern use (i.e. show fencing, historical fencing with the sport aspects). This blade can also be used in the battles but you should take a random opponent’s heavy weapon and/or a heavy hand into account.

If you are content with the looks of the blade, I would recommend this variant as reasonable compromise between our “BATTLE” and “FEATHER” variants. This design is applicable to the cutlasses, one-handed swords, one-and-half handed swords and the long-swords.

Due to the design of the blade, it is not possible to make a “SLIM” blade with the dual fullers.

Basic characteristic:

  • Lower weight and better balance of weapon.
  • Thickness of edge profile is preserved (3 mm).
  • Suitable for cutlasses, one-handed swords, one-and-half-handed swords and long-swords.
  • It isn’t designed for extremely heavy use (blade is more prone to bend).
  • The smaller diameter of point could be problem for someone (approximately 12 mm).

Combination of “FEATHER” and “SLIM” designs

The “SLIM” design of the blade is possible to combine with thinner profile of the “FEATHER” design. By this combination we can make the lightest blade in our production (e.g. one-handed sword weighing less than 1 kg). However this blade design is intended for the fencing masters and isn’t suited for long-term or heavy use.

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