Training sword / economic variant / "Poor solider" / standard

According to few missunderstandings I decided to write precise article about swords from our production, which are called "Training" or "standard"

Training version of sword means a purpose-built replica of sword for using it in swordfight training, or in battle. We could also call it "economic", because in fact, it is not a typical sword from our production. It is made to have all fighting qualities for the best price possible.

So it is clear, that this category is not designed for representation purposes, neither it will be the sword, made according your personal wishes. The price of a "Training" sword is low, because ve produce high number of them at once, and we also spare some work on polishing and decorating. So when somebody wants to order a "Training" sword, but with spectacular pommel and guard, and with polished blade, we have to say, that it is nonsense, because he does really want a "Show" sword. So we do not accept orders for special made "training" sword. When somebody likes the rough-styled details of the "Training" and want perfectly customized weapon, so he practically want a "Show" sword with specific details made customly.

If you are interested in a "training" weapon, we recommend to use our webshop

Economical variant of swordPrice
Dark middle-age sword € 138
Viking sword € 154
Gothic one-handed sword € 133
Broad sword € 151
Cavalry sword € 140
Archer sword € 115
1,5h. light sword € 140
1,5h. bastard sword € 154
1,5h. pricking sword € 164
1,5h. heavy sword € 167
Cutlass gothic € 131
Cuttlass italian € 136
Falchion € 131
Scimitar cutlass € 136
Gothic dagger short € 54
Gothic dagger medium € 59
Gothic daggr long € 67
Disc dagger € 59
Disc dagger long € 67
Parrying dagger € 83
Sax - short € 72
Sax - medium € 83
Sax - long € 94
Scramasax € 115

Possible variation of a "Training" sword:

Viking sword:

One-handed sword*

One-and-half-handed sword*

*Possible also for fighting daggers

Leather colours



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