“FEATHER” blade design

Every weapon of this design has a letter F embossed next to the manufacturer symbol.

For certain types of the weapons there is possibility to make a special light-weight blades of the “FEATHER” design. These blades are approximately 200 to 300 gram lighter than the standard “BATTLE” variant. It is also the best balanced variant of the blade. But there are some restrictions for using this blade.

The light –weight blade is made from steel with lower profile than the other blades and because of that it is less resistant to the heavy hits with the edge to edge contact as you can see in many movies with mark “made in Hollywood” which are similar to actual sword-fighting only by fact that you have a sword in your hand. On the other hand it is suitable for correct use of techniques originally practiced with sharp swords. The blade is also more flexible than “BATTLE” design so it is also more suited to correct technical fencing. When fighting against more robust variants the wear will be obviously higher for “FEATHER” variant blade. This blade variant is suited for sparring and historical fencing with sport aspects. This blade is lighter, more controllable, faster and safer (light blunt blade does less damage. Durability is of course lesser if you use blade to its limits.

If I could compare blade designs to automobiles, I would compare the “FEATHER” blades to the road specials, while the “BATTLE” can be compared to the off-road. On the road the driving quality of special is better, but if it’s taken to the terrain, you will destroy it.

The usual 2 year warranty for “FEATHER” blades is not applied for the damages caused by violent use and overuse of the blade. In case of a heavy use, the deformations will appear on the edge. At this point it is advised that you use less power when fencing, otherwise you risk serious the damage to the weapon.

In any case, I don’t recommend this blade for beginners and also people, who prefer an intense action (and use lot of power). I also don’t recommend using “FEATHER” blades in the battles, where you don’t know the parameters of the weapon and the fencing style of your opponent.

Nevertheless I believe that especially the experienced fencers will like the “FEATHER” blades. I also recommend it for the theatre plays and the movies as alternative of aluminum blades, because the parameters of the blade are much better, while the weight is only slightly heavier than the aluminum blade.

This blade design is suited especially to the shorter weapons (one-handed swords, cutlasses). The longer blades would be too flexible to be used in combat. The complicated grinding is also impossible to make.

Basic characteristic:

  • Very light and the best balanced weapon.
  • Width of the blade and diameter of the point (20 mm) are preserved.
  • Lower edge profile (2 mm).
  • Suitable for cutlasses and one-handed swords. Not suitable for longer blades.
  • It isn’t designed for heavy use. Blade is prone to edge deformation or twisting the blade.
  • High flexibility of the weapon could be problem for someone.
  • Limited warranty on the blade damage.

Combination of “FEATHER” and “SLIM” designs

The “SLIM” design of the blade is possible to combine with thinner profile of the “FEATHER” design. By this combination we can make the lightest blade in our production (e.g. one-handed sword weighing less than 1 kg). However this blade design is intended for the fencing masters and isn’t suited for long-term or heavy use.

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