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Technical info:

All the weapons are handmade by our company. Their design, method of construction, dimensions and weight are optimised on the basis of many years of experience of their use in contact fencing. The risk of fracture or breaking off of part of the blade causing danger and injury is hereby minimised.

All our blades are made from high-grade spring steel type 14260.7; any further heat treatment causes changes in the weapon's utility characteristics. The cross-piece and head are made from steel of standard quality. The head is brazed to the blade (hard solder); the connection acts as a safety-catch against abnormal exertion of the weapon. Any interference in or change to these connections causes not only loss of guarantee but also reduces substantially the weapon's useful life. If a cross-piece starts moving we recommend tightening the connection using nylon line, cord, leather or similar materials. Stainless steel is not used anywhere in the weapon and thus it becomes important to preserve and protect it against damp conditions. If you follow these principles and recommendations you will minimise possible damage to the weapon and your own safety. Fabri Armorum provides its customers two years guarantee to any and all of its products. However, this is on condition that recommendations to their use and care are followed; any breach will cause the guarantee to become void immediately.

Please use the weapons in a reasonable way, they are not to be used for cutting wood, as a lever or a mattock; use the weapon properly and adjust the way you use it to suit circumstances and your own strength. We do hope you will be fully satisfied with our products and we wish you every success.

Our sword construction

Detailed cut of sword hilt

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